Retail Loss Prevention Products

Instore have been providing Australian retailers a wide range of effective retail loss prevention products to fight shoplifters and retail shrinkage since the year 2000.

Click a below category to view the range of retail security systems, loss prevention supplies, merchandise security, counterfeit money detectors and many more anti-theft solutions that will protect your retail stores merchandise and profits.

Instore Security - Retail Security Systems

Retail Security Systems

Retail Security Systems, otherwise known as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) detect security tags placed on products and provide an immediate real-time alert to a potential theft event taking place.

Instore Security - Retail Security Tags & Labels

Retail Security Tags & Labels

Security tags and labels can be applied to all shape and size products within a retail store and are one of the most effective loss prevention tools to protect display stock from unwanted removal from the store.

Instore Security - Alarming Tags & Box Wraps

Alarming Tags & Box Wraps

Retail alarming tags and merchandise box wraps protect against in-store theft and provide immediate alarm alert to product tampering or attempted removal.

Instore Security - Electronic Merchandise Display

Electronic Merchandise Display

Instore's electronic merchandise security & display solutions offer retailers the ability to secure valuable electronic devices on display whilst allowing complete customer interaction.

Instore Security - Hang Sell & Locking Hooks

Hang Sell & Locking Hooks

Anti-theft / anti sweep locking hooks and integrated retail locking hang sell hooks are cost-effective methods of preventing grab and run thefts. These simple solutions allow for the protection of expensive hang sell merchandise often susceptible to easy theft.

Instore Security - Shop Security Gates

Shop Security Gates

Security entry-exit gates have a range of loss prevention benefits to retailers including traffic flow management which enables the store to control how customers enter and exit their stores. This system is particularly useful in detering theft and stopping snatch and run theft attempts.

Instore Security - Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit Money Detector

Instore's Counterfeit Money Detector solutions are the best way to identify fake bank notes and protect your retail business against losses. These are officially RBA approved.

Instore Security - Tablet Kiosk / Tablet Stand

Tablet Kiosk / Tablet Stand

Equip your tablet and display important screens for advertising and customer interaction with the peace of mind knowing your valuable tablet is safe and secure against shoplifters.

Instore Security - Retail People Counters

Retail People Counters

Simple to use yet extremely powerful Retail People Counters gives you a range of valuable in-store foot traffic metrics to use for enhancing your business operations.

Instore Security - Convex Mirrors

Convex Mirrors

Instore's retail convex mirrors achieve visibility into previously hard to see areas within the retail stores environment which has been proven as a cheap and effective retail anti theft product.

Instore Security - Safers/Lockable Boxes

Safers/Lockable Boxes

Retail lock boxes and retail safers provide business owners a secure method of storing valuable items and merchandise that will fight against shoplifters and retail shrinkage.

Instore Security - Secure Retail Retractors

Secure Retail Retractors

Securely tethered retail retractors provides excellent merchandise display positioning with a stainless steel cut-resistant cable. An excellent anti theft device and loss prevention product.

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