Are you filling a prescription for thieves to steal..

Recent discussions with leading pharmacy groups has indicated that the focus has shifted dramatically from the dispensary to the front of shop sales. Open merchandising is vulnerable to theft and therefore has made securing this merchandise essential.

    Given the nature of merchandise (high value small items)
    pharmacies are now the most vulnerable in the market place to theft!

What is the National Feedback?

Shrinkage in Pharmacies in Australia varies between 3-7% of turnover

Using retail security to protect a healthy G.P

Security is now an absolute necessity to keep shrinkage at a minimal level and maintain a healthy G.P, it is a matter of what is the best solution for your needs.

EAS Security Vs CCTV

The simple reality is that EAS security pedestals and labels are the number one form of deterrent available. Whilst CCTV does provide this to a certain extent, it involves a lot of staff hours spent observing stock that has already been taken from the store. EAS Security is primarily a deterrent to thieves and also, by detecting theft, alerts staff at the time of occurrence.

The Selection Criteria!

A decision on what EAS Security solution is best for you needs to be made based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics (what importance you place on the look of the system)
  • Door Width (which systems provide the best detection for your particular door width)
  • Label Type (which security label you feel to be most appropriate in tagging your merchandise)
  • Price (which system suits you budget)

Product Snapshot for Pharmacies:

  • EAS Detection Systems
  • Security Labels
  • Prescription Safers
  • Formula Can Security
  • Security Tape