Are thieves reading you like a book?

The reality is that Book Stores are very vulnerable to theft, based on the fact that stock is accessible, always on display and given the size, is easy to conceal. Without a retail security solution, thieves find book stores an easy target for theft.

What steps need to be taken to minimise theft?

Firstly, before any decision is made on retail security, you must quantify what your losses are. This will determine whether money spent on any form of retail security is justified. The inventory system in point of sale systems is a great tool to assist in calculating a cost benefit analysis.

Depending on your level of theft, there are many solutions available. Dummy cameras, domes and security mirrors represent the entry point, ranging up to a wide variety of EAS detection systems and security labels.

EAS security systems are available in multiple technologies, each providing a high level of deterrent and proven in minimising store theft. The decision on what technology suits you best comes down to the following criteria:

  • Type of security label (what technology has the most suitable label for your products)
  • Door Width (which technology provides the best detection for your door width)
  • Aesthetics (which importance you place on the look of the pedestals)
  • Price (which technology best suits your budget)
Product Snapshot for Book Retailers:

  • EAS Detection Systems
  • Security Labels
  • Security Mirrors
  • Dummy Cameras