What to look for in Security Tags?

The type of garment will determine which is the most suitable tag. At In Store we give you the widest range of options available. There are 3 different technologies of security tags and security labels, Radio Frequency (RF), Acousto Magnetic (AM) and Electro Magnetic (EM)

There is no right or wrong choice between the 3 technologies, it simply comes down to what suits YOU best. For lighter garments the small AM flat pencil tag may be suited, whereas, for larger items, the square or round RF/EM tags may be the best option.

Never be pressured into thinking one technology is better than the other. Each will serve their purpose depending on what your requirements are.
Radio Frequency (RF) Hard Tags
– Apparel Tags
  Acousto Magnetic (AM) Hard Tags
– Apparel Tags
RF Large Square 8.2mhz
RF Round 8.2mhz
RF Mini Square 8.2mhz
  AM Dome Tag 58khz
AM Falt Pencil 58khz
RF Large Square 4.6mhz
RF Mini Square 4.6mhz
RF Dome Tag 8.2mhz

Dome Tags — Now the hardest tag in the market for thieves to remove, with an inaccesible pin design. Available with or without ink.
Accessory Tags

Accessory tags are used on items which are unable to be pinned like apparel.

Lanyard Tags — Used for accessories such as hand bags, shoes, hats, jewellery etc.
Strap Tags & Clamp Tags — Ideal for sporting goods and electrical appliances
Bottle Tags — Several Options Available
Optical Tags — Several Options Available
Security labels!

Suitable for:

  • For any retail merchandise where a hard tag is not suitable

Acousto Magnetic (AM) Labels

Supplied in boxes of 5000

Radio Frequency (RF) Labels

Supplied in rolls of 1000