Stop thieves from hiding in blind spots!

A thieves best friend when stealing is a stores blind spot. Not only can they go undetected but they
also gain confidence in what amount they can take without feeling under pressure of being caught.
Security mirrors can be a great way of taking away these blind spots and creating doubt in a thieves
mind that they are being watched.

Or is health and safety the issue?

For those not invloved in the retail sector the most common use of convex mirrors is for that of health
and safety. Whether it be blind spots in an office lunch room to prevent staff from bumping into each other with coffee or be it a multi level carpark with blind corners. The convex mirror can at least provide sight where there was none before.
Types of convex mirrors available:
Half Dome 450mm Diameter — Image above
450mm diameter — image on the left
600mm diameter
Up to 900mm diameter (for carpark use)
Internal and external mirrors available
All standard round convex mirrors come complete with swivel head
wall mount brackets