Display More, Secure More, Profit More!!!

Accessible displayed merchandise increases sales dramatically as opposed to merchandise displayed in a locked cabinet.
Existing major retail outlets are achieving up to 400% increase in sales when using open display.
Whilst sales are increased, it is essential that all high risk merchandise on display is appropriately secured.

What options are available for electronic Secure Displays?

In Store Tech has a wide variety of options for open displayed merchandise, whether it be phone display, camera display, tablet display or laptop display. The secure display can be tailored to suit individual needs and budgets.
There is a range of alarmed and mechanical solutions or a combination of both to suit all applications.
The iStand Range   The Swan Range
Ideal solution for mobile phone, tablet, satellite navigation display. Allows customers full interactive display.
Ideal solution for mobile phone, camera, tablet and satellite navigation display, The swan has an in built retractor design.
Retractable Istand Range        
The most low profile retractable alarmed unit available. Allowing up to 12 electronic devices display through the one control unit. With the ability to link up promotional video via LCD screens next to display stands
ITag     4 Hub  
now available both in black and white!!!
Wireless RF alarm module allows dual product protection, with the added flexibility of interchangeable cables to suit the product on display. Optional wireless receiver available for RFID component and data collection.
The versatile 4 Hub allows protection of up to 4 products at a time. Interchangeable cables available to suit displayed product. Link the 4 hub in a chain to increase your display capabilities to 8,12,16 etc.
Multi Function Alarm (MFA)    
A single control unit with the capability of protecting of up to 16 devices. Interchangeable cables available from 1.5m to 4m in length allowing for the largest of electronic displays.
Thomastown Lock  
A simple locking device to secure laptop computers to a fixed surface. Can be keyed alike or individual key
For increased protection the thomastown lock is often used in conjuction with a usb alarm