Increasing sales through open interactive display!!
The prime purpose of a retractor is to allow a device to be displayed in a secure
manner. Unlike some forms of fixed security displays the retractor allows
the customer to be interactive with the product..

Retractors are a useful low cost form of tethering a device yet allowing the flexibility
of customers to touch and feel the product. This applies to dummy or liv

Alarmed Retractor    
Low cost alarmed display protection. With self locating head to ensure product is always displayed in the correct position.
Tear Drop Retractor (non alarmed)      
Now one of the smallest retractors on the market. great for display where space is limited. Comes with self locating head to ensure displayed products alwayd returns to correct position.
The standard pull box retractor has being used throughout the retail industry for decades and is still a favorite in many applications because of ease of installation and reliability