Customers you can count on!!

Keeping track of your customer flow can provide you with crucial information!
Traffic flow counters allow you to keep track of how many customers enter your store. There
are different models available, the lead in models will give you a digital display only whereas
the premium model will provide data intergration to a designated computer.

What value is the data people counters give you?

Customers counters tell you more than just the amount of people who enter the store. They are a useful
tool in providing the following information:

  • Allows you to track conversion of traffic numbers to sales.
  • Assists with staff rostering: light traffic times = lighter staffing, heavy traffic times = increased staff.
  • Provides feedback on whether marketing/advertising campaigns provide increase in traffic flow.
Doorway Side by Side Mount
Wireless people counter, simple set up with digital display. Available as counter alone or as a data intergrated counter which allows you to wirelessly upload data from customer counter into a smart management system. Customer patterns can be recorded by hour, by day, by week or by month.
Doorway Overhead Mount
Wireless people counter, simple setup with digital display. Count display is available as a digital read out only, not as a data integrated system. White overhead senses traffic coming in and out of the doorway and transmits the count to the black receiver which can be placed anywhere in the store. Available with or without entry alert chime.